Friday, April 3, 2009


VISHU - The Yuga Piravi for Malayalees
It differs in computation with UGADi of Telugu / Kannada by a few days.
KERALA doesnt have seasons like the NORTH has.
Thus SOUTH are not celebrating the VASANTHA NAVARATHRY..
Most of the celebrations are seasons related.
The festivals are to set the eating patterns..

Vishu is an important festival of Kerala celebrated in the month of Medam (April), just before the onset of south-west monsoon. This is also a festival related to agriculture. It denotes the inseparable relationship between man and soil. Astrologically, the Vishu day has much importance. It is on this day that the sun rises right in the east. Hours of day and night are equal (exactly 12 hours) on Vishu day.It is believed that the vishu day is theNew Year day of ‘Kalivarsha’. The agricultural operations start with Vishu day onwards. The first auspicious day to plough land will also be decided on Vishu day. The ‘Vishu’ celebrations start with ‘kani’, which will be arranged in each home to be seen by all members of the family in the early morning. ‘Vishukani’ is a small exhibition of natural resources of Kerala. It is prepared with rice, cotton cloth, metals like gold and silver, cucumber, mango, jackfruit, banana, tailed mirror, flowers of ‘Kanikonna’,Indian Laburnum (Cassia fistula). These are exhibited in an Uruli (a flat brass vessel) in front of Lord Krishna with a holy lamp lit in front of these items. The sight of ‘Vishukani’ immediately after awakening from a sound sleep in the early morning of the Vishu day remembers us the preciousness of natural resources and the necessity of its preservation. After seeing ‘Vishukkani’, the elder member of the family gives ‘Vishukaineetam’ (giving coins as prize) to children. Grand feast at noon and cracking of fire works at night are indispensable parts of Vishu celebration.